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My background in dance started at birth as my mom, Alma-Lea of Alma-Lea's Dance Studio, owns a studio in Lisbon, ME. Yes, I am a studio owner's child. I started as a dancer, became an assistant at age 8, and began teaching my own classes in my senior year of high school. Throughout my childhood, I had a hobby in filmmaking but it didn't become an integral part of my life until I decided to attend college as a Media Studies major with a Theatre minor at the University of Southern Maine. 

I taught dance classes at my mom's studio as well as at other studios in the southern Maine area throughout college. After attending a 4-year teacher training program on my off summers I received my Dance Masters of America's Teachers Training Certification. I fully tested and passed certifications in tap, jazz, ballet, and modern in 2014. 

I had no idea how I was going to tie together my passions until I randomly approached a studio director I was teaching for who was in need of a videographer. I ended up filming their show and taking to live documentation naturally. In an Intro to Dance class at my college, I learned about a place called Jacob's Pillow and found out that they were offering competitive internships in dance documentation. I was accepted into the program which led to me meeting one of my mentors, Nel Shelby. 

I was invited to work for Nel in New York City following my internship. I left my students and moved to New York City to expand my video career. 

My business has remained small with a few very loyal studios over the years so that that I can give them quality content without overwhelming my budding career with a small business. 

With Nel Shelby, I was invited back to Jacob's Pillow to work as the Assistant Video Producer for 3 more summers and toured with the competition circuit, Hall of Fame Dance Challenge, as their lead videographer and live stream technician for 4 seasons. In the Fall of 2019, I landed a job with Blue Man Group as their Video Supervisor where I work Full Time managing their show elements and part-time video staff. 

I still train as a hip hop dancer in New York and continuously try to find ways to perform. I also guest teach and set competition choreography often with many routines receiving special awards and high scores. 

Photo by Grace Kathryn Landefeld

Professional Credits:

Video Supervisor

Blue Man Group NYC, 2019-current

Nel Shelby Productions

Videographer, Editor, and Livestream Technician


Assistant Video Producer

Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

Festival 2017,2018,2019

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge 

Lead Videographer &

Livestream Technician


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