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Shows are typically filmed with 1-2 cameras.

Raw unedited footage is available by request at an additional cost.
Audio will be mixed from camera audio for applause,

a floor microphone for taps/dancer sounds,

and clean music files that can be collected at the show or emailed.

The price includes 60-90 min arrival ahead of the show.


The below options are for

1-2 Camera Documentation 

Video Distribution

Livestream Options

Select the option below that fits your show best for more info and pricing. 

The editing only option is best for companies that have footage that needs to be edited.

This option is great for reels, and for anyone who films the show themselves. 

The filming only option is best for companies that want to

edit footage themselves or have an in house editor.

This option is for documentation shoots for means of archival purposes and grant submissions.

This option is for dance studios that charge a media fee or wish to profit themselves from video sales.

This option is for dance competitions that charge clients inclusive media fees in their registrations.

This option is ONLY for dance studios or competitions that are selling copies of the video and wish to have a hands off experience with video sales of their shows.

This option is only available to studios and competitions that can guarantee a 35 order minimum.

This option is for dance studios or companies that wish to have their performance streamed online

through free or paid platforms. 


SHOOT & EDIT Maximum of 3 hours filming


Learn more about Audition Videos

We can chat before you submit your Documentation Request Form!

Reach out to me at to talk further about what you need for your studio!

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